Women Spend Twice As Much Time On Chores As Their Male Partners

When it comes to housework a new poll finds women are spending more time doing it compared to their male partners. CreditLoan.com surveyed 1,000 people who live with their romantic partners, and found Millennial-aged women, on average, spend five hours and 48 minutes more per week doing chores than men do. Among chores in households where both parents work, the biggest gap was seen in time spent cooking, with women averaging five hours and eight minutes of cooking per week, while men averaged just two hours and 13 minutes of cooking per week. Other chores that women spent significantly more time doing than men included: doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, grocery shopping, and folding laundry. However, men spent significantly more time doing household repairs, yard work, and taking out the trash, compared to women. The survey also found reported relationship satisfaction was higher when chores were divided more equally among partners.