Questions To Ask Yourself Before Becoming A Teacher

Since it’s Teacher Appreciation Week, it’s a good time to check out this list of The Top Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Teacher.

  • Can I fake a smile when a little turd who drained me of my soul pays me back with an apple?
  • If I catch a kid smoking weed can I remember to say, “Hand it over” instead of “Can I take a hit”?
  • Will I finally be able to afford that sweet used Yugo I’ve had my eye on?
  • Is there a way to tie “Candy Crush” to an Algebra lesson?
  • Is this really the best way to score Ritalin without a prescription?
  • Can I live on $150 a month?
  • Will I get a desk with drawers big enough to conceal a bottle of vodka?
  • Can I carry a bat like Morgan Freeman in “Lean On Me”?
  • Is there such a thing as chalk dust lung?
  • Will a Kevlar vest make me itch?
  • How easy is it to fake that I know what I’m talking about?
  • Am I ready to relate to kids by taking a chair and sitting in it backwards?
  • Will getting my summers off still be worth it, considering I’ll have to spend the entire time working, since I make minimum wage the other nine months of the year?
  • Can I just confiscate 20 iPhones from students on the first day, and then quit?