Cobra Kai Starts TONIGHT!!!

The new “Karate Kid” show “Cobra Kai” starts tonight on YOUTUBE RED. I must admit, I have watched every trailer and teaser for this show and they do a great job of making you feel bad for Johnny (the bad guy) while also making Daniel Larusso (the hero) kind of a jerk. Apparently it all starts with the “Crane Kick” that won Daniel the tournament, in this new show they will deal with the issue that the winning kick was actually illegal. The show features some footage fro the original movie that we’ve never seen before.

One of the producers says, quote, “The cool thing about that shot is that it changes the perspective of the scene . . . with that close-up, now you’re feeling the pain of that kick.  And it suddenly twists it from triumph to defeat.”

Check out this special trailer below and stop pretending you;re not as excited as I am.

Boss Frog