5 of the Germiest Places in Hotel Rooms

The TV Remote: Hundreds of hands have touched the device, and it’s probably not high on the housekeeping team’s long list of things to clean. The remote control is usually hands down No. 1 on the list of dirtiest spots in your hotel room.

 The Bed Comforter or Duvet: Staff typically changes sheets between guests, but not the comforters. As we sleep, we release body oils and shed skin flakes, which can get on the bedspread along with bacteria we might be carrying. If you want to stay away from germs on the bed, getting rid of the comforter is a good start.

 Drinking Glasses: If your hotel room offers glasses instead of plastic cups, it’s not a bad idea to clean them once more. They may not have been properly disinfected ― especially if those glasses are kept in the bathroom.

 Lamp or Light Switch: Research teams found heavy bacterial contamination on the bedside lamp switch in many hotel rooms. Similarly, light switches, especially in the bathroom, are prone to collecting bacteria because of the many hands that touch them.

 Housekeeping Materials: Because housekeeping teams have to clean many rooms in a day, there is the risk of cross-contamination. Dirty mops, sponges and towels can help germs travel from one room to another.