Moms Who Post A Ton Of Baby Photos More Likely To Be Depressed

It’s likely that if you’re over age 20 and on social media you have at least one mom friend who posts a ton of photos of her child. Researchers from Ohio State University looked at 127 mothers– all of them were highly educated with full-time jobs, and most were married. The scientists found that women who felt pressure to be ‘perfect moms’ were the likeliest to post photos of their child frequently, and were most-likely to react more emotionally to any response they receive on the photos they’ve shared. Study leader, professor Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan explains the issue here, saying, “If a mother is posting on Facebook to get affirmation that she’s doing a good job and doesn’t get all the ‘likes’ and positive comments she expects, that could be a problem. She may end up feeling worse.” In the study the moms who posted the most also reported having more depression than other moms, even months after birth. Still, the study showed 98 percent of participants used social media to share photos of their child in some way, and it’s not worrying to do so as long as you’re not doing it to validate yourself as a “good” parent.