Singles Say Bad Grammar Is an Even Bigger Turnoff than Bad Sex

If that guy or girl you’ve been chatting up online is suddenly ghosting you, you’re probably not sending the right message, according to a Plenty of Fish survey. The dating site surveyed 2,000 singles about what pushes their buttons over in-app chats.

 –You don’t use “their,” “there” and “they’re” correctly: Digital natives are actually sticklers about grammar, as more than half (58 percent) said bad grammar is an even bigger turnoff than bad sex.

 –You take too long to respond: Three in four singles say that leaving a message on “read” and not replying for days at a time is a much more annoying habit than replying too quickly.

 –You use explicit emojis: Most people don’t want to receive unsolicited d**k pics – and that means they don’t want to see your eggplant emoji either, which was the least popular emoji, detested by 75 percent of respondents.