Signs You Might Be Drinking Too Much

A new study out this week found people who regularly have more than one or two drinks a day have a lot more BAD bacteria in their mouth, and less good bacteria, which can cause gum disease.

So if your dentist doesn’t like what they see, and you’ve been drinking more than usual, that might have something to do with it.

Here are three more weird signs you might be drinking more than you realize . . .

1. You’re sick a lot. Drinking weakens your immune system, so you’re less likely to fight off colds and infections. You’re also more likely to develop pneumonia.

2. You’re sad a lot. An occasional drink can help you relax, and might even make you feel happier for a night. But alcohol is a depressant. Meaning the happy feeling is just temporary. And once it’s out of your system, it can leave you depressed.

3. Your skin doesn’t look great. Alcohol causes inflammation, which can lead to blotchiness, more wrinkles, and enlarged pores. And liquor is harder on your skin than beer and wine, because your liver has to work harder to metabolize it.