Junk In the Trunk

If the recent Facebook scandal taught us anything, it’s that we have to REALLY rethink how much access to our lives we’re comfortable handing over to these giant tech companies.  On the other hand . . . heeeeeeeere’s Amazon.

Remember last year when Amazon started offering a service where you’d let their delivery drivers unlock your door to leave your packages in your house?  Well they just created a spinoff.

Amazon just announced a new service where you give their drivers access to your CAR, so they can leave your packages in your trunk.

They get in by hooking into the computer system in your “connected” car.  So you have to be subscribed to a service like OnStar.  That lets the driver use GPS to find it . . . and lets him open the trunk without a key to leave your packages.

It’s not clear if he could also drive off with it . . . or, at least, grab some of your stuff from inside as a souvenir . . . but hey, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, right?

For now, the service is limited to people in 37 big cities . . . who are Amazon Prime members . . . and who have Volvo and GM cars from the past three years.  But Amazon says they’re planning to add other car brands and cities soon.

(The Verge)