Mid-Heels Outselling Stilettos For First Time Ever

Women have long tortured themselves by wearing sky-high heels in the name of fashion, but it seems that’s beginning to change. Retailer Net-a-Porter reports that ‘midi’ heels, which are under three inches in height, have overtaken the sales of high heels (four inches or higher in height) for the first time ever. A spokesperson for Net-a-Porter explains, “In 2018, while high heels still represent around 20 per cent of our shoe business, the new heel height [three inches] is fast becoming more and more popular and we expect this trend to grow.” Lisa Aiken, retail fashion director at Net-a-Porter adds, “The new lower heel heights are more chic and effortless and therefore quite empowering. It sounds like a tiny difference but this small shift will have a huge impact.”