What Does The Dating Term ‘LONG-GAMING’ Mean? 

Dating these days comes with a lot more terms than it used to, and the newest of such terms is “long-gaming.” It refers to having someone– say a good friend, or a co-worker– that you’re interested in or have chemistry with, but aren’t dating at the moment that you keep around. An Elite Daily writer describes it this way: “Maybe you’re both just in very different phases of your lives, or maybe [you’re] just waiting until they’re a little more stable in their future plans before ‘settling down’ with someone. [So,] you long-game them.You keep them close and continue to flirt and help them with their Insta captions and pretend to not be a little jealous every time they tell you about a date they went on or someone they’re seeing.” Maybe a better option would be to just be honest with a person you might want to date?