Essential Life Skills Every Woman Should Have

1. Financial skills. Learning the basics of math is essential. This will help you with all the financial skills you need to create a household budget and live within your means, manage your credit, and do your own taxes.

 2.  Domestic skills. You don’t have to be Martha Stewart, but you do need to know your way around the kitchen so that you can whip a balanced meal for yourself. And, even if you don’t enjoy housecleaning, regular clean-up, laundry, and vacuuming up the dust bunnies will keep you healthy and create a Zen environment.

 3.  Home maintenance skills. Whether you rent or own, there are a few maintenance items that you should know such as switching out furnace filters. Hang up your new artwork or mirrors in your new place and unclog a drain when it backs up and you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction. You don’t have to be able to fix a toilet, but it will certainly cost you less if you can do it yourself.

 4. Car maintenance skills. If you own a car, learn the basics of how to fix the little things that can go wrong. Learn how to top off the fluids and jumpstart the car if the battery dies. And, if the idea of changing a tire roadside scares you, at least figure out how to check and maintain your tires’ air pressure, and carry a spare tire, a phone and the number to a roadside assistance program.

 5.  Safety skills. Imagine the sense of relief you would feel performing the Heimlich maneuver on your choking dinner guest or diving into a pool to save a drowning child! First aid and water safety skills are critical and lifesaving — and you never know when you might need them.