Ways Guys Can Instantly Ruin a Date

1. Airing Your Grievances. A small mention about getting stuck behind a driver going 30 in a 50 should only be uttered in a humorous way or as an explanation for your tardiness. Listening to nonstop complaints is exhausting.

 2. Being Rude to the Server. Being rude or disrespectful to your server says nothing good about your character. A date is not the time to display a superiority complex.

 3. Yawning or Falling Asleep at Dinner. Nothing says, “you’re boring” more than continuously yawning, or worse, actually falling asleep in front of your date at dinner.

 4. Having More Than Two Drinks. If you have too much to drink, you could divulge unintended details about yourself, let out a putrid belch or have to beg your date for a sober ride home.

 5. Reckless Driving. A drive can be a great place to get to know your date, unless you get careless or decide to show off.

 6. Choosing a Messy Meal. On a first date, the general guidelines of what to order are similar to a business lunch – choose an easy-to-eat meal that doesn’t waft strong odors.

 7. Forgetting Her Name. If your memory is quite bad, write her name just above your wrist and wear a long sleeve button down to hide it. Do not rely on your memory. Forgetting her name is a rough mistake in which to come back.

 8. Crying. A man in touch with his emotions is a beautiful sight, but a man crying on a first date is not. Rush to the bathroom and compose yourself if you feel an emotional release incoming.