The Things Over-55s Do Better Than Millennials

The number of feet in a yard and working out multiplication without a calculator are among the things older people are more likely to know than millennials. Researchers in Britain also found over 55s are less likely to turn to spell check. How to change a car tire, write a formal letter and play chess are also among the things the younger generation are yet to conquer. (Percentage of over 55s and millennials who are confident in each particular skill: Over 55s’ percentage appears first, before 25-34 year-olds)


How to read the time on an analogue clock 90% 61%

The number of feet in a yard 90% 21%

How to iron a shirt 84% 51%

How to sew on a button 81% 41%

How to do times tables, without using a calculator 79% 41%

How to use an index 77% 35%

How to properly polish shoes 77% 28%

How to use cutlery in the right order 77% 39%

How to write a formal letter 77% 43%

How to spell without using spellcheck 72% 39%

How and when to use correct grammar 67% 39%

How to treat a burn 62% 32%

How to get stains out of clothes 58% 31%

How to play chess 44% 27%

How to administer first aid 43% 30%

How to change a car tire 43% 24%

The price of a first class stamp 41% 20%

How to arrange flowers 34% 16%

How to fix a bike chain 34% 21%

How to start a campfire 33% 19%

How to make marmalade or jam 31% 16%

How to crochet 23% 4%

How to ballroom dance e.g. Waltz or Tango 15% 4%

The names of different constellations of stars 15% 11%