Women Like Men More After Eating Spicy Food

Gentlemen, to up the chances of your lady-friend liking you on a date– take her out for spicy food. St. Cloud State University researchers gave 87 women either a sweet, spicy, or bland snack and then asked each to rate the faces of random men, scoring them between one and nine, with nine being most-attractive. Women in the spicy food group gave an average score of 4.46, which was 21 percent higher than the average of the group that ate sweet food. Spicy-food eaters also gave the men an average score of 4.08 in terms of how romantically interested they were in them– 28 percent more than those in other groups. Lead researcher Jenna Miska explains, “A spicy flavor was found to increase romantic interest as well as physical attractiveness ratings. It supports the suggestion that sensory experiences, in this case taste, can influence cognitive perceptions regarding potential relationships.” It’s believed this happens because the words used to describe spicy foods, like ‘hot,’ is also a common term used to describe an attractive person.