How to Avoid Breaking Up Over Money

Money is one of the sore topics in many relationships. It begins during the first few dates, deciding who should pay for what and steadily escalates from there.

 And new research has confirmed that couples who earn similar amounts will have an easier time, suggesting that they will, in fact, have a better chance of staying together for longer than those who have unequal salaries.

 The study looked at how finances impact marriage and found that because both partners earn the same, their arguments over money were more likely to be approached from an equal playing field, reducing the chance of one person being anxious or resentful about not making as much.

 The study also looked at how finances impact people’s decision to get married in the first place. In theory, it doesn’t cost any more to live as a married couple than it does to co-habitate, but many couples want to have achieved economic standards before marrying, such as having stable jobs and a steady income, owning a home and a car and having enough savings to throw a big wedding.