Four Serious Side Effects from Eating Really Hot Peppers

There was a story last week about a 34-year-old guy who ate a Carolina Reaper during a pepper-eating contest . . . and ended up in the ER with “thunderclap headaches.”

So before YOU get any ideas, here are four more serious side effects associated with really hot peppers . . .

1.  Stomach pain.  Anything from mild discomfort to being doubled over in agony.  And it can last several hours.

2.  Seizures.  It’s such a shock to your system that it’s fairly common for people to hyperventilate.  And in bad cases, it can even cause seizures.

3.  A hole in your esophagus.  The chili itself won’t burn a hole.  But there was a guy two years ago who ate a burger with a ghost pepper puree on it.  And all the coughing and puking he did tore a one-inch-long hole in his throat.

4.  Anaphylactic shock and even DEATH.  About ten years ago, a 33-year-old guy in England ate a bunch of homemade hot sauce.  And he basically overdosed on capsaicin, the compound that makes peppers so spicy.  It caused his body to release too many histamines, which put him into anaphylactic shock.  And he died in the middle of the night from heart failure.