“Would You Rather” Questions about Dating That Will Probably Ruin Your Life

1. Would you rather…Forget your date’s name one hour into a dinner date, or accidentally call them by your mom or dad’s name?

 2. Would you rather…Find out someone you really like HATES dogs, or find out they cheated on their most recent ex?

 3. Would you rather…Have your date tell you there’s a booger in your nose an hour into the date, or loudly toot when you stand up to use the restroom?

 4. Would you rather…On a first date: Run into your most recent ex, or run into both of your parents?

 5. Would you rather…Run into your date’s most recent ex on a first date, or go on a date with someone who refuses to answer any questions about their ex?

 6. Would you rather…Go on a date with someone who can’t eat anything before they’ve posted it on Instagram, or go on a date with someone who live Tweets the entire date?

 7. Would you rather…Snort every time you laugh on a first date, or share an intimate first kiss after eating a salad with onions, garlic, and blue cheese dressing?

 8. Would you rather…Have three flavored condoms fall out of your wallet, or knock your entire drink into your date’s lap?