Reasons You Should Take Up Golf

With The Masters, golf’s most popular and prestigious tournament under way, it’s a good time to check out this list of The Top Reasons You Should Take Up Golf.

  • If Tiger Woods is any indication, it’s a great way to hook up with skanks.
  • You couldn’t cut it at curling.
  • You just looked in the mirror, and it suddenly dawned on you that you’re a very middle-aged, very white dude.
  • You want to act “presidential.”
  • When you saw it on “The Little Rascals” or “The Three Stooges”, it looked like so much fun.
  • You can quote every single line from “Caddyshack”.
  • Unlike your vehicle, golf carts don’t have breathalyzers.
  • It’s the only hobby in Florida that doesn’t involve guns or gator wrestling.
  • You think driving a covered go-kart, drinking beer, and moving every 15 minutes is “exercise.”
  • Your wife hasn’t taken up golf.