Don’t Get Married Yet If Your Partner Does These Things

1. They frequently put other people and plans before you. Does your partner cancel plans with you when something better comes up? Or maybe she picks up a non-urgent work call while you two are out to dinner celebrating your birthday. If so, it might be a sign that your partner isn’t prioritizing your relationship.

 2. They don’t communicate well. Instead of having a productive conversation about a tricky topic ― like sex, family issues or money ― your partner either argues with you about it or just avoids the discussion altogether. If you can’t talk candidly about the tough stuff, you might not be ready for marriage quite yet. 

 3. They’ve cheated on you. If your partner is genuinely remorseful and willing to do the work to uncover what drove them to be unfaithful in the first place, that’s a good sign. It’s also worth taking a closer look at any underlying issues in the relationship that could have contributed to the infidelity.

 4. They’ve stopped having ― or talking about ― sex with you. If your partner stonewalls you or refuses to take your concerns seriously now, it’s unlikely these issues will magically resolve themselves after you say “I do.”

 5. They keep secrets from you. Say your partner went over budget one month or had dinner with an ex: Do they tell you, or say nothing and hope you don’t find out? Ultimately, being upfront about these mistakes can help build a strong foundation for your future together.