What Kind of Reaction Did Your April Fools’ Day Prank Get?

  Did you pull an April Fools’ Day prank yesterday, and the person got legitimately MAD about it?  According to a recent survey, 17% of us tend to have that reaction.  But HOW mad we get varies.

10% are initially angry, but get over it pretty quickly . . . 5% get angry and quietly FUME about it . . . and 2% hate it so much, they consider never talking to the person again.

Here are the six most common reactions . . .

1.  Smile and take it in stride, 45%.

2.  Prank the person back, 31%.

3.  Get mad, but get over it pretty quickly, 10%.

4.  No reaction, just a poker face, 7%.

5.  Quietly fume about it, 5%.

6.  Potentially never talk to them again, 2%.

According to the survey, the people you were most likely to prank yesterday were your spouse or significant other . . . a friend . . . your kids . . . a co-worker . . . and your mom.  We were almost twice as likely to prank our mom than our dad.