Three Ways to Get Drunk and Eat Peeps at the Same Time

If you’re looking to tie one on this Easter, here are three ways to get drunk AND eat Peeps at the same time . . .

1. Make Peeps-infused vodka. Pour a bottle of vodka into a big pitcher. Toss 10 Peeps in there, and wait 2 to 3 days for them to dissolve.  After that, just strain the vodka back into the bottle and you’re done. You can also eat any of the vodka-soaked marshmallow that’s left over.

2. Peeps Jell-O Shots. If you already know how to make Jell-O shots, there’s not much to it. It’s just a normal Jell-O shot with a Peep sitting in a bed of whipped cream on top. 

3. Marshmallow Peep Martinis. You’ll need marshmallow or whipped cream-flavored vodka, which you can get at a liquor store.

It’s 1.5 ounces of that per drink, plus a half ounce of vanilla syrup . . . an ounce of cream . . . and rim the glass with vanilla syrup and sugar. Then garnish it by cutting the bottom of a Peep so it fits over the edge of the glass.