The Top Advantages of Being an Introvert

It’s hard to be an introvert in an extroverted world.  But being an introvert can also be pretty cool.  Here are The Top Advantages of Being an Introvert.



  • As long as you have red wine, cats, and The Hallmark Channel, you’re set for life!

  • People are happy to sit next to you on an airplane.

  • No one will try to murder you for using a selfie stick.

  • Nobody’s surprised when you turn out to be a serial killer.

  • When a coworker is babbling on and on about a subject you don’t care about, you can pretend to listen while you think of your favorite “Simpsons” quotes.

  • When ordering at Subway, you tend to let the sandwich artist really flex their creativity.

  • You fit in with everyone else when you visit Canada.

  • People will think you’re “mysterious” instead of knowing the truth:  You’re a jerk.

  • You were awkward before it was cool.

  • It sounds better than saying you’re sad and lonely.

  • You’re relieved, not angry, when people don’t remember your name.

  • You can go to a party and not talk to anyone . . . and instead, just focus on eating chips.

  • Other people LOVE it when you burst into tears when they try to give you a hug.

  • Staring at the ground all day long is a great way to discover lucky pennies!