Is Your Easter Egg Bad For The Environment? 

Chocolate is an undeniably big part of Easter– whether in the form of chocolate eggs or a chocolate bunny, many kids will get some form of chocolate in their Easter basket this weekend. But it turns out chocolate has quite the carbon footprint. University of Manchester researchers estimate the U.K. chocolate industry produces about 2.1m tonnes of greenhouse gases (GHG) a year. To put it in perspective, that’s as much GHG as the whole city as large as Belfast each year. They also determined that the raw materials used to produce the chocolate are the major environmental hotspot as well as the packaging. The impacts from the ingredients are mainly due to milk powder, cocoa derivatives, sugar and palm oil. Still, researcher, Professor Adisa Azapagic says, “It is true that our love of chocolate has environmental consequences for the planet. But let’s be clear, we aren’t saying people should stop eating it. The point of this study is to raise consumers’ awareness and enable more informed choices.”