Easter Bunny Tweets

Even though he’s busy getting ready for Sunday, the Easter Bunny found a little time for Twitter. Here are The Top Easter Bunny Tweets.

  • I hoppity-hop-hop all day Sunday, and I’ll do it with a smile. But after that, you come at me I bite your ass.
  • FYI: Not everything I leave behind is chocolate. #Pellets #RabbitsPottyToo
  • I’d like to thank Kirsten Dunst for making me NOT the celebrity with the most jacked-up teeth.
  • Shout out to all my homies who lost a foot to a redneck’s keychain.
  • Not a big fan of IPA beers . . . too HOPPY! #PunnyRabbit
  • I’d be a hypocrite if I had a naughty list. Don’t you know what rabbits are doing when they’re not delivering eggs?
  • @donaldjtrump can I borrow some hair? I’m out of Easter basket grass.
  • No, my tail isn’t really made of cotton. Does your funny bone tell jokes?
  • Sorry I haven’t tweeted in a while, been too busy pooping out Cadbury Creme Eggs.
  • You think taxes are a pain? Try having over 100 dependents.
  • Sometimes I think I should be more popular than Santa. Then I remember that I’m best known for breaking into homes and hiding your hard-boiled eggs, so I get it.
  • Sorry millennials, don’t have any trophy-shaped Peeps.
  • Between you and me, Peter Cottontail made Harvey Weinstein look like Mother Teresa.
  • Can’t find the carrot emoji? Dangit.
  • How am I gonna deliver all these eggs, when I’m still hung over from St. Patty’s Day?
  • Sliding into your DMs just to hide some eggs!
  • Calm the hell down @trixrabbit! You’re giving giant bunnies a bad name.