Things That Stress Millennials

A recent study says that millennials have more stress than other generations. Find out what has them so anxious with The Top Things that Stress Millennials. 

  • Espresso foam that’s too thick to turn into art.
  • Nobody wants to hire a person who majored in cyber feminism.
  • Mom buying them Cool Ranch Doritos when they specifically asked for Nacho Cheese.
  • White people getting tired of being lectured about their privilege.
  • All the good gamer tags are taken.
  • Anything that requires an attention span longer than eight seconds.
  • The sneaking suspicion that there could be more to life than constantly seeking validation from strangers on social media.
  • The lack of a “whatevs” emoji.
  • Conversations that require them to remove BOTH earbuds.
  • Making toast and then discovering they’re out of avocados.
  • Clumsily making a gender normative comment on Snapchat.
  • Meals that taste incredibly awesome, but tragically, don’t look that amazing on Instagram.
  • Someone telling them “sorry” . . . but then not following it with an immediate “not sorry.”
  • What if someday the world runs out of new hashtags?