Signs You’re Not Getting an Invitation to the Royal Wedding

The invitations for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding have been mailed, Kensington Palace announced Thursday. Around 600 people have been invited to the May 19th ceremony at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. They have also all been invited to Queen Elizabeth II’s celebratory reception at St. George’s Hall to follow. However, from there, the list gets winnowed down. Just 200 will take part in the private reception at Frogmore HouseBarnard & Westwood created the invites.


  • The only invitations you get are to sales at Crate & Barrel

  • The closest you’ve gotten to the royal family was an attempt to climb the fence at Buckingham Palace

  • You’ve carried on a one-way correspondence with Prince Harry for years

  • In order to go, you’d have to skip bowling night

  • You bought them a present, and it’s matching Snuggies

  • Both the bride and the groom have restraining orders against you

  • People pretty much agree you’d be a distraction

  • You have a long list of dietary restrictions for the reception

  • You’re Donald Trump