Top Shows Barack Obama Is Pitching To Netflix

Former President Barack Obama is negotiating with Netflix to produce shows for the streaming service. Luckily, some of his pitches leaked out. Here are The Top Shows Barack Obama is Pitching to Netflix.

  • “Kenya’s Got Talent”
  • “How to Get Away with a Fake Birth Certificate”
  • “That ’70s Blow”
  • “Socialist & Son”
  • “Buffy the Bin Laden Slayer”
  • “Biden & Butt-Head”
  • “The Wire . . . Tap on Trump Tower”
  • “The Wonder Ears”
  • “How I Met Your Muslim”
  • “Orange is the New President”
  • Madam Secretary . . . Who’ll Never Be Madam President”
  • “Everybody Hates Mitch McConnell”
  • “The Big Bong Theory”
  • “American Horror Story: The 2016 Election”