How to Speak a Man’s ‘Love Language’ to Make Him More Attached to You

1. Keep it short and sweet. “Had a random girl shout, ‘You’re so hot’ as she drove by. Felt good.”

 2. Get specific. “In college a girl said I had the best calves on campus.”

 3. Make him blush. “A girl complemented me on my behind one time. I’ll admit I blushed a little at that.”

 4. Be spontaneously sweet. “We were at a concert, she was sitting in my lap, head on my chest, and she said she felt safe with me. Like she didn’t have to worry about anything, it would all be okay as long as she was in my arms. That was one of the nicest things anyone had ever said to me.”

 5. Make him feel proud and special. “‘You’re the most interesting person I’ve met’ and ‘You’re my hero’ and ‘You’re a good man.’ The latter hits me the hardest emotionally. It came when I was something of a shy loner and was unexpected.”

 6. Let him know how he fills your senses. “When she says, ‘You always smell good.'”

 7. Notice the things he does well. “Wife once told me I was the best driver she knew. That really made me feel good.”

 8. Show him that he sets the standard. “‘I didn’t date anybody for three years because you treated me so well.’ It meant the world to me that as her first boyfriend I set a high bar when it came to how she should expect to be treated by other men.”