Ten Things That Hurt Your Chances When You’re Applying for a Job

A new survey asked a bunch of hiring managers for the top things that negatively impact your chances of landing a job. (There was a similar survey last month on the top things that kill your chances in a job interview.)

And according to the results, the most important thing you can do is show up to your interview ON TIME. Here are the top ten things that can hurt you . . .

1. Showing up late for your interview. 93% said it hurts your chances. And it bothers women more than men.

2. Whining or complaining about something, 92%.

3. Showing a lack of preparation, 89%.

4. Bad-mouthing a former boss, or a former company, 88%.

5. Making a bad mistake on your resumé or cover letter. Like a spelling error, 86%

6. Using broken English or too much slang in your interview, 84%.

7. Asking for way more money than the job would normally pay, 84%.

8. Being underqualified, 80%. So 20% said it DOESN’T hurt your chances.

9. Answering their questions incorrectly, 77%.

10. Not making enough eye contact, 76%. A few more that just missed the top ten were bragging . . . rambling . . . dressing too casual for your interview . . . and using a gimmick, like showing up with a gift. (SimplyHired.com)