12 Money Etiquette Rules Every Adult Needs to Know

12 Money Etiquette Rules Every Adult Needs to Know

  • Don’t assume that just because people have money that they’ll want to spend it the way you would.

  • Don’t pass judgment on someone else’s decisions to spend their money on something.

  • Always consider your friend’s financial circumstances before suggesting a particular bar or restaurant.

  • When splitting the bill, always stop and think about whether an even split is actually fair or not.

  • When organizing a group gift, outing, or trip, ask everyone to share their individual budget before making any plans.

  • If you ask a skilled friend to do something for you, offer to pay them just as much as you would any other professional.

  • When you owe someone money, pay them back right away.

  • Never ask people how much their belongings — or rent — costs.

  • Don’t feel obliged to tell someone how much something cost you, just because they ask.

  • Refrain from making passive-aggressive comments or assumptions about people’s nice things or big purchases.

  • Don’t complain about money to someone who you know earns less than you.

  • Regardless of what you know about your friends’ income, debts, and expenses, remember to always be kind in how you talk about money. (BuzzFeed)