One More Reason to Quit Smoking . . . It Could Make You Go Deaf

Here’s just one more reason to quit smoking. A new study in Japan found it could make you go DEAF.

Researchers tracked the results of hearing tests for more than 50,000 people over the course of eight years. And they found that smokers had a 1 to 2% higher chance of developing hearing loss.

Now, 2% might not seem like that much. But we’re talking about losing one of your five senses. So it’s worth taking seriously.

The study accounted for different factors like how much noise people were exposed to at work. And smokers still had a higher rate of hearing loss.

It’s worth noting that there’s something called “causation vs. correlation,” which is important with studies like this.

Basically, the idea is that just because smokers are more prone to hearing loss, that doesn’t necessarily mean smoking CAUSED it. They might have other unhealthy habits that non-smokers aren’t as likely to have.

But in this case, the researchers are pretty sure smoking WAS the direct cause.

There’s also some good news though. They found that a smoker’s risk of developing hearing loss starts to go down about five years after they quit. (EurekAlert)