Quarter-Life Crisis

The old mid-life crisis cliché is to go out and buy a sports car. But with a QUARTER-life crisis, you can’t really do that. Especially if you have no money and still live with your parents . . .

According to a new survey, more than HALF of millennials say they’re currently going through a quarter-life crisis.

60% of people between the ages of 25 and 35 said they’re in a quarter-life crisis right now, and they’re having trouble coping with financial or personal issues.

Here are the top three reasons . . .

1. They’re not making enough money. 53% of millennials who said they’re in a quarter-life crisis admit they currently spend more than they earn each month.  Which means they’re relying on their parents, racking up debt, or both.

2. They can’t find a good job, 26% . . . or they hate their current job, 24%.

3. They have relationship issues, or can’t find someone worth dating, 25%.