A Combination Of Personality Traits Might Make You More Addicted To Social Networks

How much do you love social media? Binghampton University researchers collected self-reported data from nearly 300 college-aged students and found three personality traits in particular– neuroticism, conscientiousness and agreeableness– were related to social network addiction. These three traits are part of the five-factor personality model (which also includes extraversion and openness), a well-established framework used to theoretically understand the human personality. Study co-author Isaac Vaghefi says this unexpected finding could be explained from a “rational addiction” perspective, meaning some users are intentionally using more of a social network to maximize the perceived benefits of doing so. By comparison, most other addictions are formed due to lack of impulse control, or irrationality. It’s hoped the finding will help people look at the “whole picture” when it comes to how personality traits specifically impact social network addiction. (EurekAlert!