If a Man Does These Things, He Will Never Fall In Love with You

1. He hides you from his family and friends. What I mean is that when a man is serious about having you in his life as his girlfriend, he wants you to connect with the people he feels closest to. If he keeps you away from his family and his friends, he’s made up his mind that you are not the one and you never will be.

 2. He won’t interact with you on social media.

Guys who already have one foot out of a relationship don’t want to leave any evidence of the fact that they were even one foot in, which is why they so carefully limit the amount of interaction they have with you on social media.

 3. He tells you he’s no good for you. When a man says something like, “You can do better than me,” or “I’m no good for you,” or “I have a dark side,” he’s telling you THE TRUTH. If a man goes out of his way to tell you that he’s bad news, he’s got not reason to lie. Believe him, and move the heck on.

 4. He never introduces you as his girlfriend. You guys decided that you’re exclusive. He doesn’t want to change his relationship status on FB for reasons that annoy you, but, OK, you let it slide. Now it’s your first night out as an official couple, and when you run into someone he knows, you get hit with him referring to you as “my friend”  or even worse, “your literal name.”

 5. He disappears for days on end.  A man who goes radio silent for days on end and doesn’t tell you what he’s doing (or who he happens to be doing it with) is not treating you with love. And he’s doing this because he doesn’t actually love you.