Audience Complaints about A Wrinkle in Time

It was #2 at the Box Office over the weekend, but that doesn’t mean that everyone loved it.


  • Too many wrinkles, too much time

  • Oprah should stick to denying she’s going to run for president

  • It contained an important message, but that message was “You just wasted 14 bucks”

  • Wanted to travel to a time when this movie didn’t exist

  • What the hell is the Baskets the Clown guy doing in this??

  • Kept waiting for Wonder Woman to show up and save Chris Pine from this movie

  • Thought from the trailers that it was going to be more…. good

  • Caught flak from ushers after rushing for the emergency exit

  • Too many people in funny costumes standing in fields

  • Thought I was seeing Black Panther!!