Study: Couples Do Poorly At Knowing When Their Partner Is Sad Or Feeling Down

You might be really good at knowing when your significant other is happy, but how good are you at knowing when they’re upset? Southern Methodist University, Dallas researchers had 51 couples complete daily diaries about their mood and the mood of their partners for seven consecutive nights. Lead study author, family psychologist Chrystyna Kouros explains, “We found that when it comes to the normal ebb and flow of daily emotions, couples aren’t picking up on those occasional changes in ‘soft negative’ emotions like sadness or feeling down. They might be missing important emotional clues.” She adds, “Failing to pick up on negative feelings one or two days is not a big deal. But if this accumulates, then down the road it could become a problem for the relationship. It’s these missed opportunities to be offering support or talking it out that can compound over time to negatively affect a relationship.” (EurekAlert!