Instant Pot: Wine!

Instant Pots are huge right now . . . and this is only going to make them MORE popular.

A guy named David Murphy from New Jersey went full Jesus . . . and figured out how to make WINE with his Instant Pot.

It took a combination of Welch’s Grape Juice, sugar, red wine yeast . . . and patience.  Lots of patience.  Like, this isn’t the perfect solution if you’re out of booze and you need a quick fix.

It took David 48 hours of cooking his juice on the Instant Pot’s “yogurt” low-heat setting . . . venting the carbon dioxide buildup every six to eight hours . . . and then letting the stuff sit for eight days to get rid of the fizziness.

David says the wine tasted like, quote, “an extremely pleasant table wine” . . . with hints of dark cherries and raw chocolate.  Is that worth all the effort?  I mean . . . maybe, right?

(Food N Service / Delish)