Some Things I Think I Think

1.Congrat-the-heck-ulations to Scott Packard of State College, who won the 3700 watt Kohler generator from Breon’s (a $900 value) in our Mystery Vault contest!  You can start to register for the next prize in the vault beginning at Noon today.

2.  Academy Awards came and went last night.  All the political talk and inside jokes turn me off anymore.  Although I will say that everyone who won for “Three Billboards Outside Eddings, Missouri” deserved them.  I saw the movie on Saturday and while I don’t necessarily recommend it, the performance were incredible.

3.  PSU basketball didn’t win the Big 10 tourney, but they put themselves in a position to at least get to the NIT, if not the Big Dance.  Well done, Patrick Chambers and crew.