The Key To Curing Our Addiction To Apps

Beautifully Designed ‘DUMB Phone’ Can Only Make Calls And Send Texts—And It Might Be The Key To Curing Our Addiction To Apps

Are you addicted to your smartphone? Well, a startup has created what is describes as a “dumb phone” and say it could help you become less addicted. The startup, called Light, launched in 2014, and in 2015 it released its first product, the Light Phone, which could only make calls and tell time. Now Light is back with its second product, Light Phone 2, which creators say falls somewhere between the first-generation device and a smartphone. In addition to the functions of the original Light Phone, the second one can send and receive text messages, has an alarm clock, a microphone, and physical buttons. It can also hold contacts, and be programmed to call a taxi, or be used to get simple directions. It helps that the device is very sleek and simply-designed in an attractive manner, featuring an E-Ink display and coming in only black or white. (Business Insider