Study: Déjà Vu And Feelings Of Prediction Are Just Feelings

Feeling déjà vu, or having what you think is a premonition can feel creepy—but can you really predict the future? Likely not, says science. Colorado State University researchers recreated déjà vu in study participants in order to examine the feeling of premonition during the déjà vu state. They ultimately found participants were no more likely to actually be able to tell the future than if they were blindly guessing, but during déjà vu they felt like they could. Study co-author Anne Cleary, a cognitive psychologist, says déjà vu is likely a memory phenomenon that can occur when someone encounters a scenario that’s similar to an actual memory, but they fail to recall the memory. Cleary adds, “My working hypothesis is that déjà vu is a particular manifestation of familiarity. You have familiarity in a situation when you feel you shouldn’t have it, and that’s why it’s so jarring, so striking.” (EurekAlert!