Rejected Tag Lines of the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Movie

They’re making a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Movie. As silly as that sounds, I take some small comfort in the fact that at least it’s not a sequel or reboot. But how to market the movie? They haven’t settled on a strategy yet, but here are some of the slogans they wisely rejected…

  • Because a Pringles movie would just be stupid

  • See it before the inevitable porn parody ruins it

  • You’ve eaten the snack, now devour the movie

  • You asked for it-OK, you didn’t, but here it is

  • Bet you can’t eat just-oh, is that trademarked?
  • No less ridiculous than an Emoji movie!

  • Contains less than 1% of your recommended daily fiber

  • Did somebody say “Disodium phosphate”?

  • Like Jurassic Park, but with Cheetos instead of dinosaurs

  • The Citizen Kane of salted snack movies