Pickup Lines That Work

1. The Straightforward Approach: “I have the biggest crush on you!” This one keeps it simple and leaves no room for ambiguity in terms of how you feel, so it’s best left for situations where it’s (a) the truth, and (b) you’re ready for your crush to know that truth in no uncertain terms.

 2. The Giving Approach: “It was a hot summer night in a super crowded Brooklyn bar, and a man blew air on my neck and said, “I can be your air conditioner!” The woman who shared it with us fully acknowledged that it was “ridiculous”. However, it worked for her anyway: first, it made her “belly laugh”, and the second, he started by telling her what he had to offer her instead of the other way around.

 3. The Optimistic Approach: ‘A Tinder line that worked on me was: “Give me a reason to delete this app.” While this pickup line does suffer from being kind of entitled-sounding, it worked despite this because the woman who received it found it “optimistically romantic”.

 4. The Comedic Approach: A guy successfully picked me up by asking me, “Are you a basketball player?”, because I was wearing a Dallas Mavericks sweatshirt. I’m 5-1! The recipient found this pickup line genuinely funny rather than painfully corny. It’s light, funny and avoids being overly sleazy – pretty much the perfect ingredients for a successful pickup line.

 5. The Classic Approach: “Hey, sorry to interrupt, but you look really beautiful. I just wanted to say that and ask if I could buy you a drink later.” The woman who shared this described it as “simple, clean and classic”, and said it worked because it was delivered in a “chill, low-stakes” way, without any sense of entitlement or pressure.

But really…Aren’t all of these “good” pickup lines potentially awful pickup lines, depending on who is delivering them?