Owen Wilson “Wow” Festival

Owen Wilson is very popular on the internet for the way he pronounces the word “wow,” and now he’s drawing large crowds of people together to mimic him.

Last weekend, hundreds of people gathered in Australia to say “wow” in unison, in the actor’s style.

Wilson has said the word in a range of contexts during his movie career and some have even created series of compilation videos of him saying “wow” across his filmography. It’s also become the subject of many memes.

The “Say Wow like Owen Wilson” event was held at Federation Square in Melbourne. It was organized by Nicolas Zoumboulis, who said “ultimately I just really want to put some ‘positive energy,’ as Owen likes to say, out into the world.”

Zoumboulis continued, “In these times I think something as silly as getting together and saying ‘Wow’ can have a positive effect and I’d like to see everyone come together! If I can remind people that this world we are lucky to inhabit is beautiful, and to embrace that like Owen does in his movies by saying ‘Wow,’ then I’ll be happy.”

Many people at the event took to social media to share videos of the crowd saying “wow” in Wilson’s famous style.

Now, the same event will be happening all over the world.

The next scheduled “Wow like Owen Wilson” event is taking place in London, U.K.

Other events are scheduled to take place in Augusta, Ga.Lafayette, La., and Chicago, Ill.

(Global News Canada)