Women’s History Month Fun Facts

In honor of today being the first day of Women’s History Month, please enjoy this list of The Top Women’s History Month Fun Facts.

  • If you celebrate it at Hooters, you’re missing the point.
  • Women have accomplished incredible things in sports. If you ignore Danica Patrick.
  • It earns 30% less than Men’s History Month.
  • Wonder Woman’s bracelets may deflect bullets, but the real reason she wears them is because they don’t clash with her headband.
  • Despite progress, there’s still going to be a group of women who insist they feel more comfortable celebrating Men’s History Month because Women’s History Month is just “too much drama.”
  • If you want to celebrate it in Saudi Arabia, DON’T!
  • If you think women shouldn’t celebrate it because they’re too busy fetching you a beer, you’re most likely divorced.