Some Things I Think I Think…..

  1.  Bruce Willis has a new movie coming out this weekend.  It’s a re-make of the old Charles Bronson hit from 1974 called “Death Wish”.  I loved the first one and I can’t wait to see this one.
  2. Have you registered for the “Mystery Vault” yet this week?  Don’t forget because there are still a lot of cool prizes yet to be won.
  3. Along those lines, don’t forget to listen for our Metallica double plays this week.  When you hear one, start dialing 867-9287 (WBUS). If you’re the ninth caller…you win!  And don’t forget that BUS listeners get first crack at buying the tickets tomorrow before they go on sale to the general public Friday morning.
  4. Keep as many fingers crossed as you can for the Penn State basketball team.  They need at least two, and possibly three, wins in the Big Ten tournament in order to be invited to the Big Dance!