Things People in Their 50s Know That People in Their 20s Probably Don’t

1. “You’ll never have time. You have to make time.”

 2. “People don’t work for money. Appreciation, recognition, loyalty, honor, is what motivates us. Money keeps us coming back.”

 3. “The people who were problematic in your life at age 20 will NOT improve with age. There are a few exceptions to this, but not many.”

 4. “There is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ spouse or a ‘perfect’ life.

 5. “Saving a little money out of every paycheck is a RIDICULOUSLY GOOD idea.

 6. “Your body feels fine at 20. It won’t at 50.”

 7. “Your grandparents and parents will pass sooner than you think. Love and respect them and learn from them while you can.”

 8. “Experiences, especially shared with family and friends, count for more than possessions.”

 9. “Trust your first instincts. Often our instincts pick up on things before our brain can sort them out. If you instantly feel suspect, off, worried, or scared in a situation, trust that.

 10. “Avoid ‘better than nothing’ relationships. They waste your time.”

 11. “Don’t let the fear of flying limit your travel. The more cultures you learn about the better your outlook of the world.