Senior Citizen Pick Up Lines

About 18 million single people in America are 65 or older . . . and many of them are out there trying to get lucky. Here are The Top Senior Citizen Pick Up Lines.

  • What’s a lady like you doing in a hospice like this?
  • What do you say we test out those artificial knees?
  • I want to be on you like a tennis ball on the tip of my walker.
  • Are you an “NCIS” marathon? ‘Cuz I could watch you all day.
  • Let’s go to my place so you can slip into a pair of French-cut Depends.
  • Honey, I love your fishnet stockings. What? Oh sorry, those are just your varicose veins.
  • Enough talk about reverse mortgages . . . let’s move on to “reverse cowgirl”!
  • I could get lost in your eyes, but then again, I could get lost anywhere.
  • Darling, you can put your teeth on my nightstand anytime.
  • You smell great! What are you wearing, Bengay?
  • How about you and I go out for a pre-chewed dinner and a movie?
  • Unlike your kids, I can’t ignore you until you die.
  • Has anyone ever told you that you look like Angela Lansbury?
  • That oxygen mask looks incredibly sexy. And it’ll look even sexier on my bedroom floor.