Perceptions Of Old Age Change As We Age

If you ever thought a certain age was old and then hit that age to find you didn’t feel old– you’re not alone. Michigan State University researchers polled over 500,000 online respondents ages 10 to 89. They found young adults (teens and early 20s) thought turning 50 made somebody old, but nearly 30,000 said they thought middle age began at age 30. William Chopik, study leader, says the fact that our views on age change as we ourselves age is understandable as people generally view older adulthood as a negative experience and want to avoid it. Still, he adds, “[…] Older adults actually have really enriching lives and some studies suggest that they’re happier than young adults.” Another interesting find: the oldest and youngest study youngest study respondents, as well as those in their 80s, said they wanted to live the longest– into their early 90s. (EurekAlert!