Ten Things That Will Destroy Your Chances in a Job Interview

A new survey of over 1,000 hiring managers found there are things that can instantly destroy your chances in a job interview, even if you have a great résumé. Here are the top ten . . .

1. Being caught in a lie. 71% of employers said they’d never hire you.

2. Answering a phone call or text during the interview, 67%.

3. Being arrogant or acting like you’re entitled, 59%.

4. Showing a lack of accountability, 52%. Like if you got FIRED from your last job and blamed the whole thing on your boss.

5. Swearing, 51%.

6. Dressing inappropriately, 50%.

7. Badmouthing an ex-boss or a former company you worked for, 48%.

8. Knowing nothing about the job or company where you’re applying, 45%.

9. Having unprofessional body language, 43%. The study found the three worst mistakes are not making eye contact . . . not smiling . . . and fidgeting with something on the table.

10. Knowing nothing about the industry in general. ONLY 35% said they’d pass on hiring you. (PR Newswire)