The Top Eight Things That Distract Us When We’re Driving

A new survey found the top eight things that distract people when they’re driving, and you know what didn’t make the list? My smooth, sexy voice on the radio. So don’t touch that dial. Because that WOULD be distracting.

Here are the top eight distractions . . .

1. Checking out apps on your phone. 92% of people say it’s distracting.

2. Texting or emailing. 91% say it’s distracting . . . but 53% of them admit to doing it anyway.

3. Talking on the phone, 54%.

4. Looking at the GPS, 47%.

5. Eating, 39%.

6. Changing the radio station, 30%.

7. Our car’s warning sounds, 29%.

8. Talking to other people in the car, 21%.

The survey also found that 10% of people have personally gotten into an accident . . . or almost gotten into one . . . because they were distracted. (PR Newswire)